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Providing critical need and high demand expertise in the United States and abroad

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Vancro provides critical need and high demand expertise in the United States and abroad. Vancro provides multi-discipline intelligence, operational analysis, language interpretation, and law enforcement support to government agencies as a partner that be trusted.

Globally, the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was the most effective weapon employed by terror organizations. In spite of many successes against this threat, irregular warfare forces continue to adapt and produce IEDs with readily available, inexpensive, and evolving commercial technologies. Beyond IED's, rouge states and forces continue to evolve with the development of new weapons and misinformation campaigns. Vancro is on the forefront of identifying these dangers and we assist in the development of tactics, techniques, and procedures to prevent their deadly impact.

Vancro's experience lends itself well to threat analysis of adversaries, whether they be narco terrorists, state funded terror, or criminal networks. Vancro provides the best intelligence analysis to decision makers and troops by using the latest methods and technologies both in the United States and internationally.


From the Director
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ASL version of how we provide services

Vancro has worked hard to become a leader in in providing Interpreting services nationwide. We have a primary focus on federal and govenment Interpreting needs. Always in consideration are our three stakeholders: the requester of services, the people who are utilizing the Interpreters and the Interpreters who are providing the service. For Vancro to provide exceptional service, each stakeholder is considered. To that end, we have made quality assurance and customer service integral in our Interpreter provision. This focus sets us apart from other agencies or companies that provide Interpreters.

Interpreters who are providing the service

Vancro is a great company to work for. We are flexible and open to feedback. Most importantly we honor your terms and conditions. If we cannot honor them, we will not offer to provide interpreting services. As an Interpreter working for Vancro, rest assured that our goal is to elevate our profession. We hire a local Program Manager to work on-site with the requestors and with local Interpreters at all of our locations. Vancro's executive team is a phone call away. As stated, we will not undercut expertise for profit. Our aim is exceptional service. We will never ask interpreters to sign a non-compete. Vancro feels strongly that non-compete agreements do a disservice to the Deaf community and diminishes the autonomy of interpreters as private practitioners. Rather, we want to be such a great place to work that your first preference is Vancro.

The Service Users

Vancro will work with you to secure your preferred Interpreters. We understand that preference lends to quality and preserves institutional knowledge that is incredibly valuable in the nuanced work that you do. For on-going requests, Vancro will build a roster of highly qualified Interpreters and will check in regularly to ensure that the Interpreting team is fitting your needs. We can provide additional training to the staff or to the Interpreting team if requested. Based on your feedback, we will create a Designated Interpreter Team (DIT) that will allow consistency in Interpreter provision. For one-time requests, Vancro takes advantage of that same roster to provide exceptional Interpreters. We do not base our model of Interpreter provision on first reply, first hired or the least expensive interpreter. We look for quality, content expertise, solid adherence to ethics, and to your Interpreter preference.

The Requestor of Services:

Vancro’s aim is to provide outstanding service to any requestor or government agency. We offer a complete package of services to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. We always have a local Program Manager available to you and our responsibility is to ensure you are receiving the highest quality Interpreters. The ASL leadership team personally vets every Interpreter we hire. We do not subscribe to a “plug and play” model of Interpreter placement where there is no quality assurance or feedback loop afforded to you. If there is something we could be doing differently or better, we want to know.

Vancro gives back.

Vancro recognizes the importance of supporting Interpreters and the Deaf Community. We are members of RID and NAD and are currently working on establishing an Internship program. Vancro is also looking into ways we can support the local communities where we have Interpreters working. Suggestions welcome!



At Vancro, our team shares a common vision and commitment to provide expert intelligence analysis and staffing to support stability around the world. Founded by veterans of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, Vancro commenced operations with the award of its' first subcontract from Lockheed Martin to support the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).

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In 2010, Vancro was awarded two more subcontract opportunities supporting JIEDDO placing emphasis on three of the four lines of operation, Intelligence Operations, Support to Special Operations, and Counter IED Operations and Exploitation Support.

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2013: Vancro joined the IDIQ for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Solutions for Intelligence Analysis II (SIA II) and provided analysis support to the Defense Counter Terrorism Center (DCTC) until December 2018.

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July 2018: Vancro begins serving the Department of Veterans Affairs with Language Translation and Interpretation Services including Sign Language Support for the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Vancro supports the VA across several states across three time zones.

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February 2019: Vancro begins supporting Department of the Navy on the US Marine Corps Civilian Law Enforcement Program (MCCLEP).

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October 2019: Vancro began supporting the US Forestry Service (Region 6) with Sign Language Interpreting Services, CART and TYPEWELL services.

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2019: Vancro supports the JIDO’s transition with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Vancro stands ready to support DTRA in all aspects of improvised threat defeat operations worldwide.

Vancro continues to strengthen internal systems and aggressively seeks new opportunities and partners. Vancro brings value to our customers and strives to be your business partner of choice.

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Vancro supports the Department of Defense , US Department of Veterans Affairs and US Forestry Service.
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