About Us

Vancro provides critical need and high demand expertise in the United States and abroad. Vancro provides multi-discipline intelligence, operational analysis, language interpretation, and law enforcement support to government agencies as a partner that be trusted.

Globally, the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was the most effective weapon employed by terror organizations. In spite of many successes against this threat, irregular warfare forces continue to adapt and produce IEDs with readily available, inexpensive, and evolving commercial technologies. Beyond IED's, rouge states and forces continue to evolve with the development of new weapons and misinformation campaigns. Vancro is on the forefront of identifying these dangers and we assist in the development of tactics, techniques, and procedures to prevent their deadly impact.

Vancro's experience lends itself well to threat analysis of adversaries, whether they be narco terrorists, state funded terror, or criminal networks. Vancro provides the best intelligence analysis to decision makers and troops by using the latest methods and technologies both in the United States and internationally.